The Association of Registered Nurses of BC

Urgent Message from ARNBC President, Julie Fraser

Urgent Open Letter to All B.C. Nurses

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"BCNU did not consult its members before embarking on this course. Its members each pay 2% of their wages to BCNU - I think this entitles us to a say in how the money is spent"‬ - ‪Sara
"We have to remember that not all nurses in BC are part of BCNU, who is there to help them?"‬ - ‪Kristyn
"What I find really interesting is that BCNU received start up funding and now they are fighting the very same thing they were provided 30 years ago"‬ - ‪Hugs
"Thank-you for sharing your success story and the role that ARNBC filled in making it happen. This is what nursing is all about - caring, sharing, and creating the future for our colleagues and the patients we are entrusted to care for!"‬ - ‪Marilynn
"An association, not a union, provides professional advocacy and there is a need for both. This legal action is costing both nurses and nurse practitioners and should come to a stop. The nurses and nurse practitioners of BC deserve better"‬ - ‪Stan, NP
"We ask that BCNU stop the legal action with ARNBC and CRNBC and allow all three organizations to flourish and support nurses in B.C. to raise their voices in unison to positively impact nursing, health and health care across our province"‬ - ‪Betty, Trish and Jessie
"We urge BCNU to take a position of leadership for the good of the profession and individual nurses; to cease these legal actions against ARNBC and work collaboratively with these organizations to resolve outstanding issues. We ask the BCNU to join ARNBC in a shared vision of working together as part of the ‘three pillar’ system to build a healthier, sustainable healthcare system."‬ - ‪Coalition of BC Nursing Associations
"Great to see the support from the nurses of Canada. We will get through this difficult time and find ways to work together. The people of our province and the members of our profession deserve no less"‬ - ‪Sally‬‪, RN
"Thank you CNA for being dedicated to the progress of the nursing profession. Something the BCNU clearly doesn't understand as they seem to just want to look out for themselves rather than the nurses of BC"‬ - ‪Jen‬‪, RN
"Seems like BCNU has control issues. They do not represent all RNs and some members do not feel BCNU represents their professional interests as well..."‬ - ‪Mavis
"...have been a nurse for 45 years and I lived this history. In 1981 I fully supported the formation of BCNU and was happy to have RNABC transfer funds to support their start-up...I fully support the development of ARNBC to take on the role of advocacy for nursing and fully support the CRNBC transferring funds to ARNBC to take on this part of the former RNABC role. I agree, in 2015, it is as it should be - 3 separate organizations taking on 3 separate but inter-related roles so there is no conflict of interest... As much as I appreciate the work that BCNU does I fully support CRNBC and ARNBC in this dispute and it totally saddens me that BCNU has taken this action and forced me to choose sides"‬ - ‪Betty‬‪, RN
"The continued infighting within Nursing is a dis-service to our profession and only undermines our role in patient care and health system outcomes. I hope for a positive and collaborative resolution to this - not only for Nurses ... but for Nursing as a profession"‬ - ‪Sara‬‪, RN
"As a RN 1 year out of school, I hope for a long and rewarding career as I'm sure you have had, and hope the trifecta of BC nursing organizations can move forward for all of us"‬ - ‪Daniel‬‪, RN
"BCNU did not consult its members before embarking on this course. Its members each pay 2% of their wages to BCNU - I think this entitles us to a say in how the money is spent"‬ - ‪Sarah‬‪, RN
"BCNU does not represent all nurses in BC (I am self employed and not a member of BCNU) and should not presume to spend our associations money on this attack. It demonstrates the lack of professionalism of this union"‬ - ‪Brenda‬‪, RN
"So sad that BCNU feels it necessary to waste our dues attacking other organizations that represent us, causing them to waste funds paid by us rather than being able to put those funds to good use advocating for nurse and client rights"‬ - ‪Danielle‬‪, RN
"BCNU is shooting the hand that feeds it. ARNBC is the nurses' voice where CRNBC protects the public and BCNU negotiates and mediates workers rights. No one asked me (BCNU) for approval to waste my dues on a frivolous lawsuit!"‬ - ‪Donna‬‪, RN
"So if CRNBC and ARNBC have spent 500,000 in legal cost how much has BCNU spent on this endeavor without asking its membership if we want to sue our college and professional association? BCNU is very hypocritical in its actions here"‬ - ‪Nick ‬‪, RN
"...I do not feel represented by BCNU. Another example of the arrogance and fear mongering attitude which seems to be how our union operates"‬ - ‪Michelle‬‪, RN
"... having spent most of my nursing career in BC I was sadden to read about the pending legal case! I hope BC registered nurses stand up and support the ARNBC... "‬ - ‪Mollie‬‪, RN
"I cannot believe that this is happening. No wonder we struggle for political standing and autonomy in our practice. Physicians just don't do this. Very sad that we cannot stand united"‬ - ‪Dani‬‪, RN
"Thank you for the background. Another example of nursing eating their young instead of supporting each other"‬ - ‪Nicole‬‪, RN
"Thank you ARNBC for everything you do on behalf of all nurses and nurse practitioners in BC"‬ - ‪Kathy‬‪, RN
"...We need a professional organization and these legal conflicts take time, energy and resources away from nursing"‬ - ‪Debra‬‪, RN