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The following outlines what information you'll need to complete your nomination.

Nominator Requirements

Only a B.C. RN or NP can submit a nomination. Nominations require supporters who, unless in the case of a nominee working in rural or remote practice, must be RNs or NPs in good standing with the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC).


Your nomination package will need to include the following:
  1. 'Nominee Declaration' form.*
  2. At least three letters of support. Review the guidelines for the letters of support.
  3. A clear photograph of the nominee.
  4. A 300-500 word overview of the nominee.
Once you have compiled each of the items above, please use the Online Submission form to submit the nomination**

Applications are due by 4:30pm on June 2, 2017.
* You must have the nominees' permission before submitting a nomination. In most cases, Lifetime Achievement excepted, the nominee must be an RN or NP in good standing registered with the CRNBC.

** You will not be able to save your information and return to the online submission form. Please ensure you have collected all of the necessary information before submitting the form.

Please note: Any NP winner will receive a joint award from ARNBC and the BC Nurse Practitioners Association (BCNPA). Educators who win will have their awards jointly presented by ARNBC and the Nursing Education Council of BC (NECBC).
To view the Awards Committee Guiding Principles, click here.