The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Information for B.C. Nurses
In the lead-up to the May 9th 2017 Provincial Election, the ARNBC has recognized that nurses around the province are interested in understanding the key issues and priorities of the campaign and using that information to get involved in the process. ARNBC has put together a number of tools to support nurses in strengthening the voice of nurses in policymaking.

Based on information shared by nurses during the ARNBC Policy Forums, our consultation on the B.C. Ministry of Health Policy Papers, our Advisory Councils and Policy Tables, through our social media platforms, contact via email and during face-to-face meetings, ARNBC has compiled a list of issues that will be important for nurses to discuss with provincial candidates. The following is a current list of issues, each party’s platform on the respective issue, and resources for nurses and key questions to ask candidates. Any B.C. nurse who wishes to add to this list, or provide additional research or ideas on the existing information, is welcome to contact us to share their thoughts.