The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Election Issues and Platforms

Mental Health and Addiction
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  • Committing $100 million to support three year enhancements in services addressing mental health and substance use, particularly youth. Read more...
  • Support treating mental health issues with respect and compassion, with adequate treatment facilities and support and without stigma.
  • Support treating addiction and providing adequate treatment options, without stigma. Read more...

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What Do Nurses Expect Government to Do?

  • Recognize that greater collaboration among ministries and sectors is needed to provide comprehensive and integrated mental health and addiction services.
  • Continue to invest in addiction care to build a comprehensive, integrated and functioning addiction care system.
  • Increase community based services, social supports, and mental health promotion services.
  • Invest in harm reduction strategies that have been scientifically proven to improve health and social outcomes.
  • Immediately increase resources to tackle the current Opioid Crisis that has claimed the lives of 914 British Columbians in 2016.

Ask the Candidates!

  • How will your government ensure that there is collaboration between ministries (i.e.: health, social services, criminal justice) and sectors to ensure mental health and addiction services across B.C. are integrated and comprehensive?
  • What is your government's plan to increase community based services in order to ensure individuals suffering from mental health and addictions have access to these services?
  • The majority of mental health illness and addiction begin during youth. How will your government provide leadership in the area of mental health promotion, especially among children and adolescents?
  • How will you government step up to address the opioid crisis?
  • What is your government's plan to expand harm reduction services for people who use drugs?