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Rural Health

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What Do Nurses Expect Government to Do?

  • Ensure all health care providers are utilized to their full potential, and that incentives, continuing education and professional development opportunities are available to support these providers.
  • Establish ways to utilize innovation, especially in the area of technology such as telehealth, to improve access to health care services among residents of rural and remote communities.

Ask the Candidates!

  • Recruitment and retention of health care providers into rural and remote communities have improved, however, continue to be a significant barrier in delivering accessible health care services. What is your government's plan in improving recruitment, and more importantly retention of all health care providers with a population that is geographically dispersed?
  • What are your plans to ensure British Columbians living in rural and remote B.C. have access to health care closer to home?
  • What is your government's plan in ensuring that nurses of all designations who work in rural and remote communities are fully utilized?
  • How will your government invest in innovative models (technology and human resources) to improve access to health care services in rural and remote communities across B.C.?

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B.C. Liberals New Democratic Party Green Party
  • Work with provincial health authorities and medical credentialing colleges to develop and implement a Ministerial Taskforce on Expanded Scope of Practice with a special focus on expanding service access to rural and remote communities.
  • Identify retention programs to ensure health care providers remain in rural and northern communities.
  • Commit $50 million to continue the BC Rural Dividend program into 2021-22.
  • Invest $40 million to support our goal of 100% high-speed internet connectivity for all British Columbians before 2021.
  • Improved medical travel allowance for rural British Columbians who must travel for care.
  • Ensure vulnerable patients from remote communities are covered for the most direct and sensible access to treatment by equalizing the coverage provided for ferries and commercial flights.