The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
Election Issues and Platforms

Social Determinants of Health
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B.C. Liberals New Democratic Party B.C. Conservatives Green Party
  • Committing $175 million to provide income assistance supports for those in need.
  • $8 million to exempt additional child-related benefits.
  • Committing $920 million to support the creation of 5,300 affordable housing units.
  • $65 million to fund 380 affordable housing units to house the homeless and those with mental health or substance use issues.
  • Introduced BC HOME partnership program.
  • Increase threshold of first-time homebuyer's program to $500,000. Read more...
  • Supports $10/day child care.
  • Supports outreach, education and programs that proactively address the root causes of health problems.
  • Support anti-poverty strategy (Based on 2016 Green Policy). Read more...

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What Do Nurses Expect Government to Do?

  • Refocus on the idea of 'health in all policies' - an approach that considers the health impacts of policies in areas such as finance, education, housing, employment and transport. It assists leaders and policymakers to 'integrate considerations of health, well-being and equity during the development, implementation and evaluation of such policies and services.
  • Reconsider cuts to social service organizations and funding organizations that support those suffering from socioeconomic disadvantages.
  • Recognize and work to achieve the principles outlined in the WHO's Commission on the Social Determinants of Health:
    1. Improve the conditions of daily life
    2. tackle the inequitable distribution of power, money and resources
    3. measure the problem, evaluate action, expand the knowledge base, develop a workforce that is trained in the social determinants of health and raise public awareness of the social determinants of health.

Ask the Candidates!

  • How would your government begin to address the vast inequities of those who are struggling to have their basic needs met and those whose social determinants are at a high level?
  • In what areas can government influence the social determinants of health, and how high of a priority is it for you to move forward with improving some of the conditions that are occurring within your own backyard?
  • What is your government's plan to ensure that all British Columbians have access to safe and affordable housing?
  • What is your government's plan to eliminate barriers to health care such as high parking costs across hospital and health care centres?
  • What is your government's plan to ensure working British Columbians receive a living wage?